In this article you will discover a method to realize a hyperrealist portrait. To paint a portrait hyperrealist and resembling demands at the same time of the precision of the rigor, the patience and also a know-how. To achieve this there are several techniques.

Depending on your level in drawing, you can choose to make a hand drawing or use a grid.You must acquire as much accuracy as possible, and absolutely avoid any drawing errors that could ruin everything. You must take into account the lighting, framing and inspire you with the best photo. Indeed it is simpler to choose a photograph as a model, because you may spend several tens of hours, see hundreds of hours to get to the details and get the sharpest renderings.

What can discourage many people, it is the hours pass in front of an easel, to finally be discouraged after 30 or 40 hours. If you do not paint the model as it is, you will soon run away from the results you are looking for and you will lose hours and hours figuring out how to get it done.

I was often in this situation and sometimes I still encounter this kind of difficulties, to paint the smallest elements. By seeking step by step a method, I managed to break down this work into 4 main steps that I will expose you .

The technique that I present to you today is a method of painting on a drawing from the superposition of glaze you will go from drawing to color more easily.

the resemblance will be obtained by setting volume with the color step by step on the entire table.

In the third part I will show you how to work on the details, I will show you a method in 5 steps to paint hair …

but first let’s focus on the lean layers, to get the dominant colors …