In this article, you will discover a technique to paint hyperrealistic portraits, I will show you in video how to paint a baby’s face from a photograph with a point by point method. Thanks to this technique, you will not have any more need to take each part back to paint the details, because you will learn how to work the table area by zone, on small surfaces.

This article is part of a section of hyperrealist portrait articles. I showed you a first method to make your first hyperrealist portraits. If you have not seen it, discover how to do it by clicking here.

If you are passionate about drawing and painting and want to paint hyperrealist canvases, you probably think it’s a job that is not for you, and given the complexity you think you’ll never go there arrive.

You’ve already tried to make a hyperrealist painting, and you’ve probably noticed that you had trouble painting all the elements and finally, you can not make all the effects you want, for lack of time and lack patience. Sometimes you can not see what’s left to paint, and you do not know where to start. You’re scattered, and the details are the longest things to do …

If you are in this case I will show you a technique that will allow you to improve the quality of your paintings, so you can restore much more easily this hyperrealistic effect and get to paint in the smallest detail, (hair, eyebrow , skin texture etc …)

But first, to make a painting that will catch the eye, I advise you to take a well-lit model, it is important that you have a quality document.

Once you have the model in front of you, you will make a very precise drawing that will require a lot of attention. But if you do not have the level of drawing yet or you lack confidence, I advise you to draw with a grid or a projector, to go faster.
However, if you want to progress in drawing, I strongly advise you to draw directly by observing the model without going through the techniques of report, it will allow you to progress again and again by leading you to sharpen your perceptions.

In this case make a contour drawing, without pressing and leaving imperceptible strokes that you can always correct over the course of your observation.If you are still not comfortable to place the first lines and you have struggling with proportions you can help yourself by using marks and cue by drawing from a 1/1 scale photo.

To obtain a hyperrealist painting, you must acquire a maximum of precision in the drawing and reproduce step by step and with exactness the forms that you observe.

As the drawing is not the end in this process, you will draw each element in contour drawing even for the shadows. In this example, you will draw the outline of the shadows and fill nothing. to place the colors on the canvas.

Thanks to this micron-precise design, you will be able to paint more easily, without scattering in long and tedious details.