In this article, you will discover techniques to make your first portraits, with a fairly simple method. Achieving a portrait is not necessarily obvious when you do not have much experience in drawing, and you have probably heard a everywhere the realization of a portrait is very technical, and a hyper-realistic portrait is almost impossible to do. Today I will prove the opposite, and show you that all these are ideas received.

When you start a portrait, you can make mistakes of proportions or make a portrait that is not at all similar, which brings a lot of despair and discouragement. I speak knowingly, I have encountered this type of problem.

At first, my portraits were rigid, disproportionate, and without expression. After several years, I put in place different techniques, and with the daily practice of drawing and painting, I finally found shortcuts, and tips to get to get the likeness and make beautiful drawings.

This method is based at the same time on the observation, and on the study of the volumes, shade and lights in favor of the study on the feature, I found during my numerous readings, and my hours of practice that it was more efficient to see beyond form rather than seeking perfection in details.

To gain efficiency, you do not necessarily need to know more drawing technique, you must especially express your emotions and capture the expression of faces.

I will now give you an overview of this approach, giving you some illustrated examples for drawing and painting. Then I will conclude this article with a few tips for your future portrait to gain in quality and above all in efficiency.

If you do not have enough self-confidence to start, prepare in your sketchbook a series of small rectangle.

– Take a model that you have chosen then start sketching by drawing the empty images. To draw the voids of the image is to draw the empty outline between the shapes, in this way you draw the shape indirectly.

This preparatory sketch is simple, it’s only a composition scheme to give you guidelines.

As soon as you finish this little drawing, take a canson sheet and start drawing.

get the resemblance with the model:

Once you have drawn the silhouette, start sketching, eyes, mouth and nose.

No need to make complicated, draw it with some imperfect features.