It is not an easy task to create a realistic portrait in oil. Scott’s technique is really remarkable at this point.

Although it is difficult to come up with a standard methodology to portray, here is a step by step story based on Scott’s work.

Support preparation:

Preparation of the canvas is an important step in any type of painting.

Using thin layers of burnt umber, we begin to model the head.

It is essential to work in a transparent layer.

Let’s start by building the basic sketch.

The drawing is reinforced with a small Brun Van Dyck (here brand Oldholland) to blur the lines of the drawing.

The underlay is started with a fine combination of titanium and off-white.

The forehead above the eye has the greatest luminous value.

So we start with this point. The essential part is his left eye.

Add color to the hair of the portrait.

Let’s make the skin color with a mixture of cobalt blue, permanent red and burnt sienna.

When the color layer is dry to the touch, apply this new skin color to the previous color.

Scott.E.Bartners’ paintings have become very popular and are appreciated around the world. They are known for their natural side.